What is included

The possibility of obtaining: The Compostela: All travelers when making their journeys around the world keep memories of them, but pilgrims of treasure something very The Way of St James special, the “Compostela”, an official certification when the route is finished.

To obtain this certification must have completed (for religious reasons) part of the Camino de Santiago on foot, by bicycle or on horseback and prove it at arrival; it should be at least 100 km. on foot or on horseback and 200 on a bike.

The certification of the Road traveled is issued with the Pilgrim’s Credentials, which are being put stamps or signatures of the parishes, shelters, or representatives of the villages through which passes the pilgrimage. If you cannot get it, you can put the stamps in a diary alongside the dates you stopped in places along the way.

• Semi-independent tour: You choose! Walking alone with the guarantee that we will take care of you or enjoy the company of others and their expert guides.

• Experience and knowledge: Your guides are either Spanish or resident in Spain. This is our home and we love to share it with you!

• You are supported: No need to carry a heavy backpack – we do all the work while you just go walking.

• Accommodation: Excellent restored stately houses offer the best hospitality, comfort and location, and / or 3 or 4 star hotels.