What to expect

We suggest you to calmly enjoy one of the most famous routes of the French Camino de Santiago. Starting from León, will be 150 kilometers within 10 days and you’ll be delighted with the extraordinary beauty of unique natural areas. In Galicia, the peaks of the Sierra de Ancares will surprise you, an area of ​​great ecological interest where glaciers left their traces over millions of years and O Courel valleys, which houses some of the most important natural areas in Spain. During the Route we’ll visit historic monasteries like Samos, which became one of the most important of Galicia, and old traditional buildings such as “pallozas” or granaries for keeping the corn to feed the animals.

Besides the landscape, one of the parts that you will enjoy the best in the Camino de Santiago is its delicious cuisine. You will be able to taste all kinds of fish and seafood. Special mention must be made for the octopus “a la gallega” way, and the traditional pie “empanada gallega”. Delicious cheeses such as Arzúa-Ulloa, O Cebreiro, or San Simon and desserts as well as Santiago cake made with almonds give world fame to our land. And of course, these delicacies with be enjoyed with wines from every corner of Galicia as the famous Ribeiro or Albariño, as well as traditional coffee liqueur or queimada.